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Bearish kicking

Posted in Bearish reversals

Explaining the bearish kicking candlestick

Bearish kicking is a two-candle reversal pattern. There are some criteria to identify this candlestick pattern.

bearisk kicking Japanese candlestick

The first formation is a white candlestick, a marubozu. It is followed by a black candlestick, a black marubozu, which opens gapping lower than the previous day’s low. The decline continues, finally closing at the low of the day. It’s important that the stock price during the formation of the second candlestick must never rise into the gap.

  • The longer the candlesticks are, the more dramatic the reversal is.
  • The larger the gap is, the more remarkable the reversal is.

It is a very influential and powerful signal, showing that the market is heading downwards

You may also come accross the opposite formation, the bullish kicking candlestick pattern.

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